Journal #1

Dear Journal,

            This has been a really great week. More and more people seem to be interested in the Little Tokyo Paranormal Research Society. Don’t know how the word is spreading around Little Tokyo. But that’s a good thing right? Doors seem to be opening up for me here and there. Been meeting new people, and getting new contacts in the Asian American Community. Now I have a better chance at getting my feet back into volunteering.

            Other then getting back into the community I grew up volunteering in, I really do need a paying job. I was told that I will not make a lot of money writing poetry, need a real paying Job. But it’s been so hard to get a job now a days since the economy is so bad. Still wonder why nobody will hire me. Is my Diploma from the California School of Culinary Arts not worth anything? Did I make a mistake on getting a school loan for a school that seems to be scamming people out of their money? I am either too qualified for a job or not enough experience. How am I supposed to get experience when nobody gives me a chance to work?

            Well, back to my writing, and maybe someday I will get that big break that I have been waiting for, to finally get known and not forgotten after I die.


             J E L.


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