My Paranormal Activity

Hey Ed,

            On Halloween night, I played with the Ouija board and did a EVP session at the same time. I had it up on the kitchen table, placed an offering of sake, Tequila, Coconut rum and a few chocolate bars above the board, my digital recorder to my left and to my right above my clipboard my EMF detector. I then proceeded to bless the board and put up my Psychic shield. Turned on the Digital recorder and I started asking a few basic questions and told the entities that they can either talk through the board or into the recorder.

            Remember my poems on my succubus encounter, well I finally met my invisible lover through the board. This is what she told me, her name is Ann; she died when she was 41 and I asked her how I can help her. She spelled out SEX. I think I got a partial last name she spelled out AMA and it stopped. I will try to contact her again. I didn’t get any EVPs. Ever since that night, I have been having more paranormal activity in my room.

            I have been hearing a female voice in my room, the sound of paper shuffling, and a shadow moving near my bed. I am also thinking that this might be the spirit of a woman killed in an auto accident in Malibu. Last week my friend Jeff and I went to Malibu and we pulled over at the side of the road to pee and to stretch our legs. After our rest I went to get back into his truck and noticed a tile cross in the dirt and a mound with a wooden cross. It’s funny, we went to Malibu looking for haunted places and we happen to park next to a death site.

            So we decided to stay a bit, I have seen a dark shadow a walking down the hill and then disappear. Then we left to go home.  We went back this past Tuesday night with a friend. My other friend wanted to stay in the truck because it was really cold. So me and Jeff did an EVP session on the bed of his truck. I kept hearing a female voice, sounds of crunching leaves and my friend said she saw a shadow walk around the truck. Jeff and I were sitting still. We were out in the middle of nowhere on PCH so the only other people around are the cars driving by that dark and lonely stretch of highway. When we were done, I said a few Buddhist mantras near the cross, and then we left for more adventures.

            So that is it so far, I will write more about my adventures when they happen. Hope you enjoyed this letter. Hope you can make it out to our next investigation.

paranormaly yours,

J E L.


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