Music Lessons At An Early Age

Hey Tony T,

            I took keyboard lessons when I was ten years old. I had always wanted to be a musician, to play the keyboard in a band. Then when I hit high school, I joined the marching band in the 10th grade. I had picked an instrument I never played before, the bass drum. Had to learn how to read drum beats and in the process forgot how to read regular musical notes.

            Looking back to those years, I wished that I kept up playing the piano. Ever since I met you and fell in love with your music, I really want to relearn how to play. I have an old player piano at home collecting dust. A couple of weeks ago, I sat down at the piano and played whatever cords I could remember and just winged it. Played whatever sounded good to my ears. I would like to learn how to write music and maybe write some songs. How hard is it to write a song? Isn’t it just poetry set to music?

            Now that Session 20 started for the Undeniables Writers Workshop, I am taking a two month break from writing poetry. I want to put together a manuscript for a book, and maybe teach myself how to play the piano again.  Well, it’s getting late, and I am not staying up till the early morning anymore. I will write to you again soon.


Your Friend and Poet,

J E L.


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