Psychic Ability

Dear J,

            You know, I have been hearing disembodied voices and seeing things since my family moved to Southern California when I was five years old.  It happened one night when I was lying in bed about to go to sleep, on the wall above my door was this man’s face coming out of the wall, like a movie projection on a screen. All I remember is him talking to me for over an hour, and as a child I was not scared at all, just curious. This happened a few times and then stopped. I guess, I reached that age when all things paranormal automatically stop.

            Later after I had graduated from High School and went to college, that curiosity of the Paranormal and occult came back to me. I took Anthropology and Philosophy classes and learned that these things are normal in our daily lives. I became a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist when I was 16 and also studied the Esoteric Tibetan and Shingon Sects of Buddhism. Learned Zen Meditation, and also found an interest in Voodoo and Wicca. Please don’t start thinking that I have become a Devil Worshipper whenever I say Wicca. The Christians turned the Pagan God Pan into the Devil and the local nature gods into demons.

            After I started taking Wiccan classes online in the Correllian Tradition of Witchcraft at and followed the exercises for the First Degree of priesthood, my Psychic ability came back to me in a flash. I even had visions of my past life, the one before this one. Then right after I got married six years ago, things have been getting a lot weirder in my Apartment. As in I am seeing more Shadow Figures, things are disappearing and then showing up in odd places and I am hearing more voices talking to me.  

            This is one of the reasons I started the Little Tokyo Paranormal Research Society, to find the answers to an afterlife, UFO’s and Monsters. Plus I love learning things about different religions and History. Ok, I wonder how many friends and family I may lose when they find out that I am a practicing Witch. Like this is New to any of them.

Till next time my friend,

Paranormally yours,

J E L.


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