Twenty Years Too Late

Dear Kiu,

            Hi, how are you doing? It’s been 20 years since I wrote you that letter, in the 11th grade. I am sorry, that I stopped talking to you after I slipped the letter into your locker.  As you know I was really shy back then. Remember we met in Biology class, and I took a liking to you. I still remember that day that I adopted those two rats, more like saved them from becoming snake food.

            I remember that day when you introduced yourself in class. When you wrote the Letter Q on the board and said that’s how you pronounce your name. I don’t know why I stopped talking to you, when we got along great with each other in class. Was it because I spilled my heart to you in that mushy love letter and poem I wrote to you? I was scared to talk to you after that, I felt that you wouldn’t like me or want to be my friend.

            Recently I asked someone I knew from Franklin and she said you were one of her friends and that she had lost track of you after graduation. A couple of years after we graduated I swore I saw you in front of Little Saigon in Chinatown. I didn’t know you were Chinese/Vietnamese, I had thought you were full Chinese.  Lately I have been thinking about those days and the many regrets I had in High school. I might go to our 20 year reunion, and was wondering if you are going to be there. I think it would be cool to see you again.

            This past Saturday I celebrated my 6 year wedding anniversary. My wife Phuong is Chinese/Vietnamese too. We had a Chinese/Vietnamese House Ceremony, a Japanese Buddhist Ceremony at my Temple in Little Tokyo and the Banquet in Chinatown. Some of my friends are surprised I married Chinese/Vietnamese instead of Japanese.  I had met my wife online on Yahoo personals and after a few emails back and forth, I found out that she worked right across the street from the Movie Theatre I was working at in Pasadena, at our rival movie theatre. Then we hit it off from there.

            I don’t know why I am telling you all these things when you will probably never read this letter. I just hope you are happily married and living a good life somewhere. I remember what you wrote in the Franklin Press about where you will be in 10 years from graduation. You had said “Happily married with a couple of kids and living in France.” Did that goal come true for you? Well, time for bed.

Your Old Friend,

Jeff Eikichi Lane


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