Many Regrets through the Years

            Let’s see, it all began in High School. I had always wanted to become a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Priest, but I have severe stage fright and that would be bad if I had to give Dharma Talks. Well, I thought I could get over my fear, but that wasn’t the only thing that kept me from accomplishing that goal. Back then I you had to be fluent in Japanese, well enough to go to Otani University in Kyoto Japan.  I went to PCC and took Japanese Classes, Passed Japanese One with a good enough grade, got a D in Japanese Two and took it over and got a B, tried to continue to Japanese Three but dropped out because I couldn’t understand the teacher’s dialect. I ended up understanding more than I can speak.

            Then my next goal, was to have my own and run a Buddhist Bed & Breakfast. So after Graduating from Pasadena City College, got a post card from the California School of Culinary Arts offering a new degree program in Hospitality and Restaurant Management, and It sounded like a great program. But, after taking the two-year program with a huge private loan, my dream was shot down, when nobody would hire me for a good job in the field. Since being one of the first 6 people to graduate in that program, they had no jobs to offer me. I had gotten a job at a small hotel in Pasadena, worked Grave yard for a year and a half, and got tired of not seeing my wife, and handling all the problems with the weirdo’s around that hotel. I quit right before this Recession started. I even got laid off from my See’s Candies job that I had worked over 7 years as a Seasonal Stock Clerk.

            I started writing Poetry again, and started a Paranormal Research group to keep me busy, while I search for work. I have been applying to jobs and nobody is calling me back. I want a job that pays at least $10. And hour with benefits, and maybe weekends free. I had worked like five different jobs since High School, not including the many hours of Volunteer work in Little Tokyo. Been getting paid filling out surveys online, to make some money from home. Wish I could just work from home permanently.


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