Smartphone Research

              The past two weeks I have been researching different Smartphones. I am due for my two-year upgrade with Verizon today. My first smartphone was the Blackberry Curve. This time around I really want a touch screen, plus a full QWERTY keyboard. Last Sunday I made a new friend at the Cha and Café restaurant in El Monte and he had the Palm Pre. After he explained it to me and Phuong, I had fallen in love with the Palm. It has both of what I am looking for in a Smartphone, a fast web browser; touch screen and full slide out keyboard.

            I have been reading a lot of bad reviews for all the smartphones saying how bad the battery life is. But that’s understandable, due to the speed of the Operating System, and how long one is on it. With my Blackberry, I normally charge it every night, and it pretty much lasted all day without any problems. Now that it is two years old the screen freezes on me and the track ball sticks. Most of my friends are telling me to get an Android phone, but looking at the price, I won’t be getting one free. The Palm Pre was taken off of the Verizon Wireless website, and I heard that the Palm Pre 2 is coming to Verizon soon; I just hope it does. Don’t think my Blackberry will last two more months.


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