All About Beverly

Dear Bev,

            Hi, how are you doing? Remember when we first met? I think it was Chorus Class at Luther Burbank Jr. High School with Mrs. Snell. That was when I started to like you. You were cute and you could sing too. LoL Since I was shy back then, I couldn’t talk to you anyways. Somehow that class is the only good thing I remember about Jr. High.

            Now on to Franklin High School, I joined both the Marching Band and The Franklin Press. Joined Band after having years of Keyboard Classes and as a dummy, I chose the Bass drum for my instrument. I had no experience playing drums since I was a piano guy. That first year in band was an embarrassment.  Since I wanted to be popular, I stuck to it. When all this was happening you joined the Drill Team. Wow, at least now I had something to do after band practice. Hang around the quad and watch you practice. You were into dancing a lot back then. I still remember you dancing in the quad during those lunch time dances.

            You know, back then my friend Joey was teaching me how to speak Tagalog, I even had a book and tape he gave me to try to master the language. The things I had to go through to get the girl of my dreams. Funny thing, after all that I never really tried to approach you, except for that letter I wrote to you and the blundering of my friend trying to give it to you. You should remember who I am talking about. I don’t think he remembers that day either. I was in Band for another year, and had all the chances to try to approach you when we played at those Friday night football games, the pep rallies, and Afterschool practices, etc. I think the reason why I never approached you was because I didn’t think I ever had a chance with you.  Funny now, after all these years I find you on Facebook and now we are friends. Isn’t funny how things work out.  So I finally gave up at the end of the 11th grade and decided to drop band for a free period. Then set my eyes on a couple of other girls I liked.  Another funny thing I just realized, we had a lot of the same friends, since a couple of your friends were on the Franklin Press with me: Rachel and Reushann. Rachel and I were friends for a couple of years after Graduation and then I lost track of her. Reushann, I had talked to once about 12 years ago and now she won’t add me on Facebook, maybe she doesn’t remember me or want to be my friend.

            Now that we are friends, hopefully we will be for a long time. I hope, I didn’t embarrass you too much. I will give you more info on that matter you wanted me to help you with soon.


Your Old Friend,



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