Almost Died Yesterday

Dear Wall,

            I almost died from shock yesterday. Phuong and I went to her parents to pick up our car, when Phuong was moving the cars out of the driveway to get to her car, she had me place the trash cans on the curb so she can park one of the cars there. As soon as I grabbed the green Bin to bring it up on the curb, I somehow slipped and fell forward head first into the bin. While scrapping my left knuckle really bad on the curb. I pulled myself out of the bin and sat on the ground in severe pain. Blood was gushing from three fingers. My wife told me to go into the house and clean the wounds. After I washed the blood off my hands with both soap and water, that’s when I started to go into shock.

            I never felt that way before, I almost passed out, so I sat on the floor while my life flashed before my eyes. Was sitting there for like fifteen minutes till Phuong found me and told me to go get bandaged, but I couldn’t move. I was sitting there sweating and shaking really bad. Then when I was able I went to lie down. A couple of hours later we went to the Temple for a Pie making workshop, and my head was killing me all day, it still hurts too. So my left hand is wounded, I have a big red bruise on my right knee. I sure hope this wasn’t my bad Karma for picking on the Christians in Yesterday’s post. I knew I should’ve stayed home in bed until we went to Temple.

            Well, that was how my day was. Until next time,



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