Strange Sickness

It all started in the seventh grade. I was sitting in science class one morning and I all of a sudden blacked out. This only happened a few times and only in that class. Never knew why it happened to me. Then about fifteen years ago, I went to a movie showing at some Japanese Institute with a couple of friends of mine. Then all of a sudden during the movie I almost passed out. I think it was the movie. A few years ago it happened again at an AMC I had to leave the movie we were watching. I was about to pass out again. Saturday when I had my accident and was going into shock, I felt the same way. I kind of figured that the site of a lot of blood real or fake makes me pass out.

            It’s that feeling that you start to sweat really badly, like your body is going into shock, you get really dizzy and lose your balance. I hate that feeling. Maybe that’s why I didn’t become a doctor, can’t stand the site of blood. Well, this is all for today. Hope all my friends are Healthy and Happy.



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