Our First Film Class Together

Dear May-yin,

            Hi, Hope you are doing well. This writing session I am doing Correspondences.  This letter is to explain the background of the Two Poems I wrote about you Two sessions ago.  I have been searching the memory box in my mind for the special memories I have of you. Let’s take this journey together of the past we have spent together.

            It all started the summer of 1991, when I started school at PCC. The first class I took was Beginning Film Making. I still remember the shy girl sitting in the front row, in the seat closest to the door. I sat a few seats over from you. At that moment, I thought you were cute and went back to my daydreaming like I used to do a lot back then. I also remember you falling asleep in class while we waited for Mr. Zengali to show up.  That was also the time we met Quoc Trang, who became my partner in crime in class. LoL I had co-written our first film, the first time my Poetry was ever put to good use.

            I think I had like 4 classes with you until you left for USC. The highlight of the film class was working on Meet Me at the Park with you. I remember the time you had brought your sister with you to the lacy Park in Arcadia for the film shoot. Did you know that that movie made it into the Asian Pacific Film Festival that Visual Communications puts on each year? Our movie was shown at the Directors Guild in Hollywood. I wasn’t able to make it to the screening. I did go to the Opening night in Little Tokyo.  I wonder what happened to Quoc. All I know was that he became a director of Vietnamese Music Videos.

            Remember that night in the Film History class in the main Auditorium in the C Building. When you me and Quoc sat in the back rows. How I kept trying to give you the love letter I had written you and you refused to take it. You know it would’ve saved me a lot of pain and suffering if you had told me that you had a Boyfriend then. I ended up finding out from your sister one night when I called you. When she told me I was crushed. Oh well, I had gotten over it. I am surprised that I had found you on Facebook and now that we are friends. 

            Well, that’s it for the memories of how we met. I hope I didn’t bore you on the journey of our past together.




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