Many Regrets

Dear Life,

            Why did you toss me around like a beat up old rag doll? I am now left with many regrets, of things I should have done but didn’t end up doing.  Life up until now has been so painful. Things I wished I had done, the mistakes that I have made, and the overall living of a half-baked life. Why did I end up like this? Why didn’t things work out the way I wanted it to? These are my many regrets.

                       Career Choices

  • Not becoming a Keyboard player in a band
  • Not becoming a Film Maker
  • Not becoming a Jodo Shinshu Priest
  • Not getting a Restaurant Management Job
  • Not Publishing a Poetry Book
  • Not becoming a Ceramic Artist


  • Going to Culinary school a getting stuck in a huge school loan
  • Not continuing my Film studies
  • Not continuing my Japanese Language studies
  • Not continuing my Art Degree
  • Stopped writing poetry for many years
  • Leaving someone I cared about without saying goodbye
  • Doing something stupid and losing some good friends


            I had written this out with bullet notes, to make it easier to read and to see. There is only one item under career that I have restarted as my goal. I started to write poetry again and found a way to help me get published. One night at the Tuesday Night Café in Little Tokyo, there was someone reading their poetry. I had learned that they were writing in a writer’s workshop called the Undeniables. So I took the card with the website on it and contacted them. That’s how I joined this group. So far this is my third 60 day session, and now I am writing correspondence’s to help me with my writing skills.  This is one goal I will keep.

            Hey life isn’t it funny how things turned out with all these regrets of mine. Instead of being a Film Maker, I am a Paranormal Investigator, with a lot of Actors for friends. With that in mind, I am thinking of writing a screen play for my very own Paranormal Show. On the side, I am also trying to teach myself how to play the piano again, so I can possibly add music to some of my Letters and poetry. I have the friends now who can help me make it happen.  Well, time for me to get back to work.



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