Why Are You So Nosey?

Dear Nosey Neighbor,

            You said you were going to avoid me whenever I go outside. What happened? Every time I go outside you always have to peak your head out and stare at me. Whenever the UPS guy comes to my door you always open your door and poke your head out to see what I am getting. Don’t you know that my life is none of your freaking business?

            You have the nerve to yell through our wall telling us to stop talking shit about you. Hey lady I got news for you, it’s not lies I am saying. What’s wrong you can’t handle the truth that you are a real asshole of a neighbor? Each time I stand at my bedroom window either enjoying the heat of the sun on my face or rearranging my crystals, you always go out of your way to stare at me. I guess once a stalker, always a stalker in your case. 

Your utterly pissed Neighbor,

Apt #1


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