Reoccurring Dream

Dear Psyche,

            Why does it feel like you sucked me into the movie Groundhogs Day? Every Fifteen minutes it’s the same dream. Until the last few when I realized I was dreaming and this déjà vu was driving me crazy. What are you trying to get across to me? Why are you torturing me in my dreams?

            It started out like this, Phuong and I was in a Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Phuong did something and we got a free large coffee at their Starbucks. The Bookstore sales person gave me a cup to give them at Starbucks, kind of like a coupon. So I went to the coffee area and ordered a Large Java Chip Frap with two shots of Espresso and the lady thought I was crazy because of all the caffeine. Then she charged me and I assumed it was because of the extra shots. Then the scene switched to me walking around the bookstore trying to find my wife. Then I found her, and the dream started over again. This dream happened for most of the night, over and over again. Until right before I woke up, I went back to the Coffee lady and asked for a refund because the store manager told her to fix her mistake.

            So what does this all mean to me in real life? Seemed like a pointless dream. Was it forcing me to learn that I was actually dreaming and that I had free will even in my sleep to change things? Was this an answer to my Many Regrets letter? Who knows? I guess it’s time to go back to sleep and dream a hundred more dreams. Hoping it’s not another Groundhogs day type of repeat.



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