My Memories of Mai

Dear Mai,

            Hi, how are you doing? I hope you are doing well. I want to invite you to go into the past with me to when we first met. Will you take that journey with me? I hope I don’t embarrass you too much with this public letter to you.

            Many, many years ago, there was this cute girl with long hair down to her waist who started to work at the bookstore. Well, to me it was love at first sight. Kept trying to ask you out and you kept turning all the guys down. Telling us that you were not allowed to date, go out or talk on the phone. We worked together for a couple of Rush weeks and got pretty close. So close that we got in trouble for hanging out with each other at work.  Hey do you remember that catalog box we made together? I was surprised that years later they still used that box, and then Leslie took our idea and made a permanent one.

            You know what; I now realize that I was obsessed with back then when I tried to hang out with you in the campus lounge with your friends. I still remember that I used to call you at the lounge on the pay phone that became your phone while you were at school. Other memories, I think you came to work one day wearing Jade green contacts, was it green or blue, couldn’t remember, but they looked good on you. There was also that bad memory and an embarrassing one for you, the time that your father came to the back door of the bookstore, yelled at you and made you quit your job and leave. I was crushed when I couldn’t work with you anymore. I also remember that you gave me a signed picture of you, that I unfortunately lost.  Do you remember the Poem I dedicated to you back then? I don’t remember what the poem was called. Oh well, those were my memories of the short time I knew you at PCC.

            I am glad that I had found you on Facebook, even though it took a long time; it was worth getting to know you again.

Your friend,



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