A Letter to Death

Dear Mr. Death,

            Mr. Grim Reaper the messenger of death, coming forth to bring the dead to your side of the river Styx. I have a question for you. Why do you take people before their time? And why do you take the good and leave the bad? Ok make that two questions.

            You took my Dad too soon when I was 7 years old. Was it his collected karma for what he did in Vietnam, during the war? Now you are taking good people from our community who spent their lives helping other people. While we still have evil people taking up space in our prisons, wasting tax payer’s money. You let the evil live and the good die young.  So while you are alone watching over the dead, before you go and make your rounds collecting the dead.  Please think about your own mortality. Are you really happy with your dead-end job? Are you Happy where you are? Do you miss the light of day and the feeling of being alive? Well those are my thoughts of the day.

Paranormally yours,



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