Neighbor Drama #2

Hey Stupid,

            Why are you still stalking me? Can’t I go to the mailbox without you pulling in the driveway and stopping at the front gate staring at me? You do it on purpose. What do I need to do to get you to leave me the hell alone? Do you want me to call the police and get you locked up for being a lunatic?

            I can’t believe how stupid you can be. Last week when we called the plumber over to fix our sink you guys clogged up, you had the nerve to try to sue our plumber because you got water leaked under your bathroom sink. We know you guys were snaking your bathroom sink a few days before, my sink was gurgling because of it. You just don’t want to own up that your stupid husband broke the pipe himself and was trying to sue the plumber for a new sink. Damn how low can you get? Do you really need a free ride at the expense of getting someone fired? You called the manager saying that our plumber broke your sink and left, when in fact our plumber left to go to Home Depot for parts. You don’t deserve a new sink or any special treatment because you and your hubby are too stupid to clean up your own mess.

            Guess what, Our Manager and the Plumbers know that you are indeed crazy. So stop charging the manager for all of your plumbing problems you made yourself. If you broke it and clogged the trap with your hair, you should pay to fix the problem. Haven’t you ever heard of drain screens? Well that’s enough of my rant for today. If you see me outside Please ignore me.

Your still pissed off neighbor..


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