Happy Holidays

Dear Bro,

            I wished it would snow here in Los Angeles, Just once to have a white Christmas. I can’t believe that the only time it snowed here in Highland Park was a brief snow storm back in the early 40’s. Wouldn’t it be great to go sledding up in the hills and build a snow man in front of the apartment? Well, that is what I want to do around this time of the year. It sucks that you get all the fun over there.

            Are the Holidays really Happy, Getting together with family that you can’t stand to be around. All I remember when I was little during the family dinners was that I had to sit at the kids table and listening to our Grandparents say Grace. Also the bad memories of being forced to go to church with them, when I don’t believe in their religion.

            Now, whenever it’s close to a holiday, that’s when all the arguing starts and everyone gets stressed out. I think Christmas is kind of over-rated because it’s the time of the year that people spend lots of money and get sick from all the pigging out. Each year it seems to be the same thing over and over again being let down that you didn’t get the gift that you have been wishing for all year. To receive clothes, like socks is a real let down, where are all the electronics and DVDs’ I want.

            How do you celebrate Christmas over there in New Mexico? Do you use the fireplace, and decorate your own tree? I always wanted to have a fireplace, to be able to hand Christmas stocking from it. Isn’t true that Saint Nick doesn’t deliver gifts to those who don’t have a fireplace? Well, that’s it for this week’s schmoth. Until Next time,



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