Wasting Time

Dear Friends,

            I spent the whole day setting up my Droid Incredible to my liking. Now I am watching YouTube videos by friends. The picture on this phone is a lot clearer than on my old Blackberry Curve. I am glad I upgraded to the Droid, there was a lot of stuff I have been missing out on. This cell has better Apps and it even has a 8 Meg camera and a Camcorder that shoots in HD.

            I’m sorry that I have been writing and posting my daily posts at the last-minute. I often wonder if anyone is even reading my work this session, since I had only received on comment on my work. It’s already half way through Session 20 and I am wondering if I should stick to writing these letters for one more. Or do you guys want me to go back to writing Poetry. Do you miss reading my poetry each and every day?

            I don’t really feel up to doing anything this week. It has been so cold, that I rather stay in bed under my warm blankets playing on my phone. So let’s talk about wasting time; that’s what I am good at. Sitting around all day doing close to nothing, but hey it’s too cold to do anything anyways. I just noticed that this letter sucks and is kind of boring, luckily I am not stuck reading it like you are.lol I will write again soon.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Robert M
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 19:13:53

    Keep writing. I enjoy reading your material. I have enjoyed the recent entries too.


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