Feeling Numb Inside

Dear Friends,

            Lately I have been feeling numb inside, almost the same empty feeling that I used to feel inside years ago. Now I don’t seem to care anymore. I used to be afraid of death, but now I accept it and I am ready for it whenever it comes. Who cares if the world ends tomorrow, I will live in the moment.  One day at a time.

            Some days I feel like giving up and letting the world take over. Letting the pain engulf me in its flames; washing over me with suffering.

            “What is my life coming to,

            Still stuck in this void?

            Still thinking about you,

            when this life was destroyed.”

This is part of a poem I wrote years ago when I felt so empty inside. Showing this feeling of emptiness I felt inside for so long. Some people ask me why I write. I write because if I don’t I may explode for bottling up all this inward pain of mine. If I don’t write these words down, I may go mad and wander around the street mumbling things to myself and cursing at the world for making me this way.

The End



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