Another One of Those Days

To All Who Would Listen,

            Today is going to be another one of those days. The kind of days that you would rather stay in bed instead of getting up and doing the things you have to do. I wanted to sleep in this morning and wake up around noon, but my stupid neighbor wouldn’t let me do that. They were blasting their music, to a point that my whole apartment was shaking. This was around 9:30 AM, and people wonder why I am so grumpy.

            So I dragged myself out of bed, then ripped some CDs onto my Zune, Did some laundry and made pasta for our dinner. Throughout the day the neighbor would start banging around making as much noise as they can to drive me crazy. Seems like I am not allowed to have any peace and quiet during the day time, I didn’t do anything to provoke them to do this.  

            Now it’s about 4:30pm and I was standing at my window looking towards the front of the apartment wondering what happened to our mail delivery. Then my next door neighbor and her daughter were walking to their door and had the nerve to look up at my window and yelling at me. “Hey what are you looking at?” At that moment I wished I could just open my window and throw water on her for being stupid. Question, Do I have the right to look at my window? Do I have the right to look out to see if the mail person is here? Well, as you know my neighbor thinks I have no rights to do anything in my own home.

            Well, at least the B*tch next door is giving me writing material each day. Will I ever get any Peace? Where are all the Ninja when you need them?

            From Mr. Grumpy


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