Ghostly Happenings

Dear J,

            Have you ever been touched by a ghost? Do you know what it feels like when you are touched? To me it feels the same as a live person touching you. Sometimes it feels like you are being brushed by a feather. I was touched while sitting at the computer earlier today.

            Sitting at the computer looking up tips and tricks for my phone, and it felt like something touched my leg. I am no longer scared of being touched. I guess the ghost is telling me that they are here. I often think that it is my old dog Ping Pong standing on his hind legs, trying to get on my lap.  For some reason this week more paranormal oddities seem to be happening.

            Last night, the ghost some how learned how to open the lid to the trash can in the hall. I noticed the trash can lid was up, so I went to close it and then turn around to go into my room, a few moments pass and I hear it pop up again. So I go and close it and made sure it was secured and then walked toward my bedroom door and pop it opened up again. So I got pissed and went to close it and yelled at the ghost to stop it and it didn’t happen again after that. A few nights before, when I go to bed I turn on a light on my bed stand off and a few minutes later if goes back on. This happens randomly. I guess the ghost got bored trying to call my name and having me ignore it. Fun times in the Lane household…lol

            Well, that is how my week have been going with the ghost, I will write again soon.

Your Friend in the Paranormal,



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