Want to be an Old Time Private Eye

Dear J,

            I was thinking about our paranormal group this morning, and I think it would be cool if we can somehow have our own office in Little Tokyo. I know we can’t afford rent, and it would be nice if someone can donate a room to us. I want something like a detective agency type of office. Just like the old private eyes of the olden times. Well, in a sense we are still PI’s as in Paranormal Investigators, lol.

            This is the time when the ghosts of Christmas past come out of the woodwork, walls or whatever means they have to come visit us. Get a room, set out our shingle and wait for people to call us to investigate their homes and leave the spirits with our Christmas blessings. Well, this is my wish for the New Year.  Now, I am off to do some more research of new places to explore.

Paranormally yours,



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