Xmas Decorating

Hi everyone, how has your day been? Mine has been pretty hectic. We were out shopping all day for decorations for my wife’s cubical at work. Stats was packed with people running around like tiny busy body ants. We ended up buying a miniature Chop Suey restaurant, Disney Xmas miniatures, a sheet of snow and some fake trees. We also bought a 120 multi-colored light net.

          Then we went to a couple of hobby stores in Burbank to look for some houses for her decoration scheme. When my wife gets into a decoration mood she goes all out. She was psycho today. We spent like 3 hours at her office decorating her desk, more like I spent the whole time decorating it for her. Got home around 8:30pm and hung up some Xmas lights on my bedroom window. Now when my neighbor stares in my window she has something to see.

          All in all, after all the work is done, now all we need to do is finish our Xmas shopping and get ready for Mochitsuki, the Year End Service and New Years at the Temple.


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