Xmas Season Memories

Do you remember the time when you were little that you couldn’t wait for Xmas and all the gifts you will receive from Santa? When your parents would take you to a tree lot and have you help them pick out a great looking tree. The fun part was getting it home and all set up and then we all would pitch in to decorate the tree. I remember the time I slept under the tree with one of our Pekingese’s, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get lying under all those beautiful lights. To the time when I begged my parents in letting me open one gift on Xmas eve.

            Since my father died when I was 7 or 8, one of the memories I have of him was when he played our player piano as we all sang Christmas Carols. The memories came flooding back to me when I was decorating my bedroom window as an adult. But there is still a little kid in me, who is still waiting to see old Saint Nick and his sleigh of flying reindeer. It’s raining hard outside, and this is also the season that I usually get sick with a bad cold, it usually hits me right after Thanksgiving. Oh well, time to get snuggled up in my nice warm fuzzy blanket. Have a Good Night everyone.



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