Half Way Point

Dear Readers,

            Why is it whenever I write about my neighbor, I get high stats and when I write about my normal everyday stuff, I don’t get squat? What gives? Isn’t my everyday stuff worth even reading? Do I have to type nasty stuff about my stupid neighbor to get noticed on the board? I am here thinking about what I should write for the next session, starting in January.

            Should I follow the pattern of two sessions each for each genre, I attempt to write, or change it up a bit? I decided to go ahead and write letters for another session, and maybe I will hit Creative non-fiction after that. I need to practice more letter writing. Taking baby steps in my writing practice till I will be able to write my book on Ghost Stories.  So 25 more letters until we start session 21. So this is a little past the half way point of this session. I know that my writing seems to go up and down in quality, but hey at least I am writing something everyday, that is what counts right?

            At least I didn’t write this one right before midnight like I usually do.



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