Paranormal Shows

Dear Fans of the Paranormal,

            Hi everyone, how are you all doing today? Like a lot of people I know, I am hooked on all the paranormal TV shows, Like Ghost Hunters, and Paranormal State to name a few popular ones.  A few of my friends have been writing and filming their own TV shows and movies about the Paranormal. So I guess its time to step on that band wagon and write my own. But my show needs to be different then all the rest.

            The question is how do I write a TV show of the paranormal that hasn’t been done already? A friend of mine did a spoof on Ghost Hunters; another did one on a dysfunctional Investigation group. I am running out of ideas here. I could do a documentary of the Ghosts of Chinatown and Little Tokyo. But that’s hard when we got turned down to investigate two of the main haunted places in Little Tokyo, EWP and JANM.  How does one get permission to do a documentary? We want to learn about the history of Little Tokyo through the stories of the ghosts that are haunting the location.

            Well, those are my thought for the day. If anyone has any ideas of what we can write for a TV Show, please contact me at

Paranormally yours,



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