Neighbor Drama #4

Dear Miss Paranoid,

            I guess you really hate me or Jack Skellington, because you always have a cow whenever I stand at my window. So what if my doll flips you or the world off, you have no right to take a picture of it and then call the police and claim that I am harassing you or your daughter. You told my wife that I was making banging noise again late at night when I am with my wife and I have not been making any noise.

            Don’t you think its bad when the other neighbor thinks you are insane and a stalker too? Now you are saying that your daughter feels harassed saying that I am taking videos and pictures of her every time she is outside. I don’t even have a video camera and your daughter isn’t my type.  I just got done talking to a couple of police officers, because you called them to complain of my non-existent actions. I wonder what other lies you are telling them now. Why are you guys so against me and my mom? Where is your boyfriend when all this is happening? So when people stop believing anything you say, you start to make up more lies about me. When is all this going to stop? So you file a harassment report on me, and ruin my clean record, guess what lady I will file one on you for spreading all these lies about me, when in fact there is no truth to any of them.

            So, new rules put forth by you, that I can’t decorate my window for X-mas because it involves me standing at my window and you hate watching me look out. Why does it bother you so much that I look out my window? Why would I even bother looking at you anyways? Why are you going out of your way to look up at me, and now you intentionally went outside with a camera to take a picture of me to use against me. Hey wouldn’t that show the police that you are indeed a stalker and voyeur? You really like digging yourself more and more in a hole. Why are you so paranoid, like everyone is out to get you? Don’t you think it’s because you are mentally insane and need help. I can’t wait till the day your Boyfriend kicks you out of the house. I know he has tried and I wonder why he is putting up with all your shit anyways. All your shit makes my problem with him seem like nothing.

            I will end this letter here, because when I get mad it seems to be just hot air and telling you about all these things doesn’t even help when you are not even human with a heart.

            You utterly pissed neighbor


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