Neighbor Drama All the Time

Is having a bad week. My neighbor took things too far yesterday by calling the police on me because of a stupid picture she took of me taping a Jack Skellington doll to my window for my window’s X-Mas display. Then I find out that the daughter feels she is being harassed by me and claims that every time she is in the driveway that I keep taking pictures or video taping her. Can’t believe the lies the daughters Mother is telling her daughter to tell the police. They are going to extremes now trying to get rid of us.

            I just don’t get it, why do I get all the blame for things I didn’t do? Yes, I stand at my bedroom window a few times during the day, I collect and use crystals and I am usually rearranging them on my window sill. Why is it every time they notice I am at my window they go out of their way to just stand there staring at me? Last night the lady next door saw me standing at my window taping the dolls hand to the window, so she went inside her apartment and got a camera, she then came outside walked out front, then walked back to her door and the next thing I see a flash and heard her saying I am going to show this to your wife and I am calling the police.

            You see I get blamed for standing at my window, looking out or doing anything they don’t like.  Even when I was standing and looking out my window before they even see me there. Do you think its weird that every time I go outside, come home from some place, have mail delivered to my door and each time the neighbor pops her head out the door at me? Last week one of my neighbors motioned me to come talk to her after I went to get the mail, so I went to the back yard to talk to her and she proceeded to tell me that the lady in Apt#2 is so nosey and that she is bothering them too. While all this is happening the lady in #2’s boyfriend came out back acting like he is getting something out of his trunk, then he went back inside. About 5 more minutes passed and his girl friend comes back there to talk to the neighbor I was talking to, so I had to go inside.

            Now here how things began yesterday, I saw my neighbor from Apt#4 out front rearranging trash cans, so I took a bag of trash out and stopped to talk with her a bit about the other day and what the Lady in Apt #2 wanted, Apt 4 told me that the lady was just being nosey. Then later I noticed the house next door to our apartment turned on their X-Mas lights and I decided to go fix my own in my room. Then when I did that all Hell seemed to have broken loose. From fixing a doll on my window, I have become a pedophile, a Harasser and an overall bad neighbor, just because I stand at my window, decorating it or playing with my rocks. Does any of this stuff I write make any sense? You are all just lucky that I don’t start cussing out in my letters, because I want everyone to read my work. So this is the end of the letter for the day.


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