I’m Addicted

Ever since I got my HTC Droid Incredible, I have been addicted to both Angry Birds games. I wonder who is more angry the birds or myself? Trying to kill all the pigs during each level, the harder it gets the madder I seem to get. I know that I have been obsessed over my new toy; coming from a Blackberry it’s understandable. Because I can do more with my android, then I could’ve done with the Blackberry Curve. Better games, Apps and a better camera.

            The 8 mp camera is easier to upload to my computer than our Fujifilm digital camera. I have been finding some really good camera apps with lots of different tools to turn my Smartphone into a better camera. So, lately I have been reading a lot on the android and learning new things I can do with it. Only if I can find a way to save battery, still need more juice then the extended battery we bought to replace the sucky stock battery that came with it. Well, I have to go check my email which has been piling up for days.


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