Can’t Find My Dear Friend

Dear Friends,

            Today I want to talk about missing a friend who was so dear to me, that I felt so bad leaving college without saying goodbye to her. This is someone I knew and liked before I met my Ex online. Too many things were happening back then. This was like over ten years ago.  I will try to cover as much of this as I can.

            Her name was Mei-ling; she was a student from Hong Kong. I originally met her when I was working at the PCC Bookstore, she was a customer and I was one of the staff who helped her find her books. This was during rush week, the first week of the semester. The next day I find out that she was in the beginning Japanese class before my class. This is when it all started. Every morning when I went to class, she would smile and say hi to me. Back then I was single and she was cute, so I got up enough guts to write her a little note saying that I liked her and gave her my school email address. This was when I started going to the schools computer lab to use the computers, Since I didn’t have a computer at home.

            We started to write email to each other first before we started meeting in person for lunch by the Mirror Pools. We had gotten together ever Tuesday and Thursday around Noon. We sometimes went to lunch together and I went to some events with her for her music class. I guess we drifted apart when I formed the PCC Buddhist Association Club and became involved in the Asian Student Coalition, she also joined a couple of groups and that’s when we parted. I had her Phone number and another email address.

            The year was 1998; I had bought myself a WebTV, the box and keyboard that turned your TV set into a basic computing device for surfing the web and emailing people. I had met my Ex in a chat room; it was a long distance relationship that I shouldn’t have gotten myself into. Because she ended up, being a psycho, but that’s another story, and not worth talking about now. She had me get rid of all the phone numbers and email of other girls I knew and that was a mistake to actually do what she asked. That’s how I lost Mei-Ling’s email and Phone number and I have been trying to find her on MySpace and Face book with no luck.

            How can I be so stupid? Not realizing that I had someone I cared about right in front of me? Still wonder why I spent so much time with my Buddhist Club trying to get the Asian Buddhists on campus to join my club, but nobody trusted me as American Buddhist, since they thought my club wasn’t even Buddhist. I don’t see how when my Buddhist Advisor was a Chinese Zen Monk and we had speakers from various Buddhist Backgrounds come to the school to speak. Seemed like I pushed the only girl I liked aside for my religion. Yes I have regrets, and this is one of many of them. I still wonder what happened to her, did she go back to Hong Kong? It’s so hard looking her up on Face Book when there are like over 500 people with the same name in Hong Kong alone. So I keep looking for her and hoping for a miracle. If I could find friends I knew since elementary school I should be able to find her too right?

            Went to an event last night, and I though I saw someone who looked a lot like an older version of her, but since I don’t like going up to people and asking if they are them, sometimes it’s embarrassing when they are not. So, I guess I will either wait, or eventually give up looking for her. Wow, I have written a lot about her in this letter. But with some of my writing, I somehow hope that someone who reads either my letters or my poetry about her might actually know her and get me in contact with her. I can always wish and dream right? I guess I will end this here, because I am afraid the bad weather might knock out our power and make me lose all that I have already written. Until tomorrow, stay safe and dry.




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