Demons and Other Thoughts

Dear Friends,

            Today I want to talk about Demons and what I believe they are from a Buddhist’s point of view. Most Christians believe that when a person dies they go to either Heaven or Hell and those that are stuck here in this dimension are Demons only here to harm you. So if their house is haunted by someone who died there and are attached to their home, must be a demon there to hurt them. That way of thinking is wrong.

            In my opinion, I believe demons are only in your mind, the ones that make you do things that you normally don’t do. You know those times when you are really depressed that you start hearing voices in your head, which you start to think you are going insane? When in fact it’s your subconscious showing itself; it’s all you my friend, not a separate entity as some people claim. You know all those poor people who were thrown away and locked up in insane asylums in the olden times, the ones with multiple personalities that people thought were possessed by Demons. They were just sick in the head, being attacked by their own inner demons (thoughts).

            The word Demon was a Pagan term. The Greek word Daemon meant Divine power, fate or god. These were intermediary spirits between the Gods and Humankind, more like Guardian Spirits. The Christian church made all the Pagan spirits into these Evil spirits that are here to harm people. In some forms of Buddhism, Demons are just tricks of the mind, made up of your own thoughts, Feelings and Fears. I sometimes hear other voices in my head too. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself in your head and you used different voices to separate them?

            Ok let’s now talk about my next door neighbor who we all have pretty much figured as mentally unstable and insane. She is so paranoid that she thinks everyone is out to get her, well they probably are. All the ones who she stalked are probably sending her all their evil thoughts to drive her mad. Lately, whenever I do something she doesn’t like seems to piss her off more and more. Making me into the evil one, whenever I talk to my other neighbor she thinks we are always talking about her and she tries her hardest to shut me up. She is even going so far as lying to the Police telling them things she thinks I am doing to her and her kid. Which are not true? Wow, look at how far she is going to just get rid of me.

            You are probably wondering why I am putting her under the Demon category; she is bringing out my inner demons making me go insane, bringing my fears forth and bringing out my inner demon. She makes me so angry, and makes me do things as a Buddhist I should never do. I somehow have this sense of vengeance, you torture me, and I think I should torture you back much worse.  A lot of you may be pissed off with my opinion and thoughts on demons. For some strange reason a lot of you are fans of my Neighbor Drama series, some of you said I should write a movie about it, but who the hell will be interested in that. I just write the pieces to get it off my mind and out there so her Karma could rear its ugly head and attack her back. Well, time for me to go.

            It’s wet and cold outside, so stay safe and watch out for those crazy drivers battling their own inner demons on the road.



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