The Beginning of the End

Dear Friends,

            Hi everyone, how are you doing this cold and wet holiday season? I have been busy the last week building one of the many Arks, everyone is making in anticipation of the coming flood. Wow, I just heard thunder for the first time since this rain started like over a week ago. Only saw the sun once today. The weather forecaster said all this rain will go away tomorrow, only to come back in a few days with another round of storms.

            Nine more days till the end of the year, and just two years till the end of the Mayan World. It seems like its going to be end of the world with all this rain we are getting, plus Global warming that’s heating up the earth and making both polar ice caps melt at an alarming rate.  The sun popped out again and I see blue sky. I better get the Ark ready for the next storm.  Dang, why am I falling asleep, oh wait the pouring rain woke me up around noon. Write to you again tomorrow.



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