Poetry Book Goal

Dear Friends,

            Session Twenty is coming to a close.  I was told that the Featherton Trust in the Undeniables writer’s workshop is opening up again and I want in. It’s a separate group for people who are serious about getting their book published. If I get in my main goal for the next session is to put together a really good manuscript of my poetry and other writings. It has always been a dream of mine to be a published Poet.

            Since I started these sessions, I now have over 200 poems under my belt, and many more to come. I am wondering how many of you will support me on this goal, if I go ahead and dive in head first? Now that, I am slightly buzzed from my own concoction of Egg Nog, let’s see how the rest of this letter goes.  Where was I, oh yeah my book of poetry and other works? How does this work, do I work on the poetry I have already written or do I work on new ones for the book? I know I have a few really good ones I would like to add to a book. Heck, I think I have enough for a couple of themed books, like one on the Paranormal and Death to my Haiku.

            Well, since I have caught a cold from the last round of storms, I will end this here.




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