My Weekly Reading

Dear Friends,

            What do I write about today? I could write about the three new books I bought for Phuong’s Nook. The three books are “How to Believe in GOD, whether you believe in religion or not, Demonolatry Goetia, and the Psychic Vampire Codex. So that is my reading for the week.  Sounds like a well-rounded set of reading for the year-end. With it my search for knowledge of the unknown, God, Demons and the suckers of all of our life force.

            I just started reading a little bit of each book and I will review them later when I am done with them.  A while ago I was playing with the Ghost Radar on my Android, trying to see if the ghosts had any ideas what I can write about. All it said was it wanted me to write about mice that can drive and draw on shirts and then it said I was mental to believe anything it told me. I must be crazy looking for a ghost writer to write my book on ghost stories.

            I am sorry that I have been publishing my daily letters late at night, somehow I write better at night than in the day time. It’s quieter, since the neighbors sleep early, so they are less bothersome after 9pm. Well, I am starting to fall asleep, but as soon as I hit my bed I will be wide awake for some reason. So good night everyone.



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