What I do for New Years

Dear Friends,

            Just sitting here in just my Boxers staring at the white blank page in front of me, ok that and wasting away on FaceBook as usual. Spent the last hour or so taking down my Christmas decorations from my bedroom window, the ones that got me in so much trouble with my stupid neighbor. My to do list for today, take apart, clean and put back together my two Buddhist Altars, and do the same to my Pagan one too. New Years day is quickly creeping upon us. I’d better finish this so I can have time to do the work I need to do.  

            Last night I said I was going to talk about how I spend my New Years Eve and New Years Day. On New Years Eve we usually spend part of the night at our Families Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo, for the Joya-e Year End Service, and our annual Soba eating contest. Then when all that is done, we each then get a turn at ringing the Temple’s outside bell up to 108 times to rid ourselves of the 108 delusions we accumulated that year, so we can start anew on New Years Day. On New Years Day my wife and I usually go to Koyasan’s New Years Goma Fire Service, where we get blessed for the New Year and to replace our Omamori’s (Good Luck Charms) from the year before. Then we go back to our regular Temple for the traditional Ozoni soup, (Broth with 2 Mochi (rice cakes) floating in it for good luck.

            Sorry to cut this short, I have to go out now. Talk to you all tomorrow.



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