Year End Clean Up

Dear Friends,

            I am sitting here again in my boxers, after spending most of the day scraping off three big stickers from my window that’s been on it since the early 90’s. Cleaned off one of my Buddhist Altars and started on my main one. Need to get things cleaned before New Years Day. As most people know I hate cleaning. I only do it because I have to and I don’t want bad luck in the New Year.

            Yet what is the point of cleaning before the New Year? Why just clean the obvious like the windows or the counter tops. It should be more like cleaning up oneself by wiping down the inner soul and clearing off the baggage that I carry with me throughout the year. I need to be able to let things go and move on with my life but it can be so hard when the reminders are always sitting there in front of me, like those stupid stickers that refuse to come off the windows. I keep trying to figure out ways to let go but the baggage keeps hanging on. Well, better get this posted before the power goes out, it did briefly, good thing Word saved this letter before it did. Until next time.



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