Where Are My Fans?

Dear Fans,

            All five of the ones I know who are keeping track of what I write each and every day. I am glad that you few have stuck it out and are still around after reading some of my letters. Some of you are just fans of my poetry waiting for me to get back to writing them. I have some bad news the next session I will be writing Correspondences again. I am trying to do at least two sessions per genre.

            Even though I will be writing letters again next session, I will also be going through all the poems I wrote the first two sessions and pick out the ones I want to see in a book. I will also set those aside and see if I should rewrite them or just leave them alone. Categorize them into different themes like Love, Death, Buddhist and Paranormal. Get things ready until the Undeniables reopen the Featherton Trust. Just want to be ready for the real test when it starts.

            Writing these letters reminds me so much of High School when I was a writer on the Franklin Press. I was also an Editor of the literary page of short stories and Poetry, which also included one of my own poems. I have been inspired by my Journalism teacher who is a great writer who has written a few books on Alfred Hitchcock and often writes a column in a Movie Magazine. Next year it will have been 20 years since I graduated High School, and I hope it will be a good year, the year I will finally get a book of Poetry published. Well, it’s getting late again and soon it will be time to write another letter for tomorrow. Have a Good Night everyone.

JEL (Jeff Eikichi Lane)


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