Surviving the New Year, So Far So Good…

Day 2 of 2011, this year, the rabbit already hopped into the New Year, leaving behind a trial of eaten carrot buds. I am slightly buzzed from my silk soy milk Egg Nog, spiked with crystal skull vodka and coconut rum.  So I guess, I started this New Year off with a clean slate, more like a clean crisp sheet of paper to write the words of my life upon. I resolve to be a better person in the upcoming months and stay the hell away from my psycho neighbor, more like try to stay away from. You know that if anything else happens with her it will be written down here for all to see how crazy she really is.

Today as the second day of 2011, the first rain is now falling from the sky. It’s also freezing cold out there and its time for me to install some snow skis to the Ark I built-in the last storm.  The first transformer Ark, it will be ready for whatever the Gods and Goddesses throw at us from the heavens. So, far I have survived the beginning of this year, Spent the day today in Little Tokyo, went to the Kotohajime Show at the Japan America Theatre and then went over to the Japanese American National Museum for their Oshogatsu New Years celebration.

When the year progresses, I will keep you all informed with all the events I go to and are a part of. So sit down, kick off your shoes and grab a hot cup of green tea, because you are in for the ride of a lifetime. See you tomorrow.



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