Electronics and the Future

Dear Friends,

            Hi everyone, how is everyone today this third day of 2011. Let’s talk about electronics, and the future. Do you ever wonder if you could survive the early 1800’s with no cell phones, or computers? I have been thinking about that a lot today. Would I survive without my cell phone, or computer? Could we live with no Facebook or all of its wonderful games?

            Today my mom got her new EBook reader in the mail; she is the type who is totally computer illiterate. She had bought herself a Notebook computer and still has no idea how to use it without asking me or my wife for help. She also can’t figure out how to work her basic cell phone. I am wondering why does she keep buying Electronics she has trouble learning how to use on her own?  I wished she can learn by experimenting with it before asking for help.

            So now, that the year is 2011 where are the flying cars they have promised us? Are we still backed up on ideas when the first hybrid cars came out recently as the last few years? While cell phones keep getting smaller and smaller, soon it will become a chip that they will implant into our heads so we can call anyone just by thinking about them. I want my very own flying car and robot maid just like in Jetsons Cartoon. Ok running out of time and I might come back to this subject another day. Good Night



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  1. 2due
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 07:42:43

    Ebook is awesome. I am in love with it.

    But for your question on technology, I have always wished to live alone in a log cabin a la Walden.


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