Feeling Kind of Adventurous

Dear Friends,

            How is everyone tonight? I had a very exhausting and interesting day. Earlier today I went to the Hollywood Forrest Lawn to visit a friend’s Grand Parents, and then we went to the Dharma Seal Temple in Rosemead. A Monk friend of mine invited me to visit his Temple, unfortunately he wasn’t there. I was told that he has been in Taiwan for over a year now.

One of the Little Monk Statues at the Dharma Seal Temple

         Since I was in an adventurous mood, we tried to visit the Church of the Angels in Pasadena. It’s a Beautiful small stone Episcopal Church built in the late 1800’s. The church was shown on the old TV show Charmed, and in a lot of commercials. After that my friend Jeff and I went for a long walk in the Los Angeles River, we walked from the Horse Stables near South Pasadena to a few blocks passed my Apartment in Highland Park. Felt like we walked for a few miles both ways. We walked for over an hour. We have decided to do this every Tuesday to get in shape and lose some weight. I hope I can get some more friends to join us.

The Church of The Angels in Pasadena

            As you can see from my pictures I had posted on Facebook, that I love History and Historical Buildings. My life study is not just about Death and the Paranormal; I am interested in a lot of things.  If you all noticed I had changed the About me page listed above to the same one I have listed on my Poetry page, for those of you who want to see what I look like and what I do besides writing. I had a more extensive Bio, which I had listed from my MySpace page but shortened it so I won’t bore you all to death. Ok time to end this letter, I will write more about my adventures when they happen.

            Note: If you like my letters, please leave me a comment, and let me know what you think of my letters.




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