Neighbor Drama #5

Dear Jeff,

            I guess we are not allowed to put trash in our neighbor’s trash can anymore. Apparently they think you are me, lol. More like how stupid can they get? Today I went to check the mail and noticed some papers on top of the mail box. One of them was an old jury duty paper with your name on it and I guess they thought it was important for me to have. When will this drama ever end?

            Today I finally did my weekly bell ringing cleansing ritual to clear up all the bad stagnant energy floating around our apartment. The crazy lady and her daughter were not home. I saw them leave before I started. But her Boyfriend was home. They are probably thinking that I am ringing the bell on purpose. I only do the Bell cleansing when our apartment doesn’t feel light and airy and when I have been hearing and seeing ghostly activity a lot the last few nights.

            Sometimes I wonder why that whenever I am home alone they try to get me in so much trouble? They seem to be going out of their way to try to piss me off.  But lately a lot of what they do seems to anger me. I am trying to be a good Buddhist, but it is so hard when we have neighbors who think the world revolves around everything they do. Plus it’s even harder whenever I do something outside, they are always watching every little move I make, while they take notes and try to make things up that I am doing to them. Is there anything I can do to make them stop all their accusations instead of moving out and away?

            Sometimes I dread being home alone because whenever I go about my normal daily activities at my bedroom window, with my crystal collection or doing some of my Pagan/Buddhist Rituals. I fear that in some way whatever they see me doing disagrees with them and pisses them off. Like that simple gesture of decorating my window for Christmas, made them think I was flipping them off with a doll. Things like that are making them make up more and more lies about me. I am just sick of all this drama and sick of them.

            So the moral of this story is whenever the neighbor in Apartment #2 is around and alive don’t make any hand gestures, make any sound or do anything that they don’t like. In my case, me living piss them off.




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