Time to Explore and Get Fit in the Process

Dear Friends,

            My friend Jeff and I took a five-mile walk in the L.A. River yesterday. As I told Edren yesterday we started at the horse Stable under York BLVD in Highland Park, and followed the Bike trail all the way to the end and back. We are planning on doing this at least twice a week or more often depending on my friends work schedule. I brought up the idea with Edren about getting the Undeniables group together to help each other get fit. Edren brought up the idea of getting a Metro day pass and exploring the city. We can exercise both our bodies and our minds.

            I think this would we a great activity for both the Writers group and my paranormal group. We can explore new places in Los Angeles, and it will also help us find new places to investigate and write about. I want to explore Downtown Los Angeles, The Graveyards of Boyle Heights and East LA, to the other Ethnic towns like Filipino town and Thai Town. Places that I have never been to. Let’s go together to these places write about our experiences together. Well, tomorrow is another Walk; hopefully I will have more people there to join us. If any of you are interested, please leave me a comment.



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