Getting Fit One Step at a Time

Dear Friends,

            Tonight we walked one full lap around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, that was about 3.5 miles and burned around 500 or so calories. All this walking is making me feel a lot better. Let’s see how much weight I lose this month after we started doing our weekly walks. I just created an event for this coming Sunday and invited like over 170 of my friends to join us. I wonder how many will join us for the challenge? I want to see people from both our Undeniables Writers workshop as well as people from our Paranormal Investigations group.

            So how many of my fans here are willing to join us? If this event is a success we can work our way up to the river walk which is a total of 5 miles, that’s both ways from start to finish and back. It all depends on how many people I get to join us, then maybe we can change things around and walk all over downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena or some other historical place. So I hope to see you all on Sunday.



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