Dear Friends,

            One is today’s topic for the Schmoth. What is one? It is what we all strive for when we make love to our partner, to become one with each other. As a Buddhist I try to become one with all things. One is also a number place I want to be in either Angry Birds or Bejeweled.

            One as in the first month of the year, it also means new beginnings, to start fresh and new. Do you ever wonder who created time, as in I will be there in a sec, minute or hour. Wow Edren, you had to choose a hard title for the week. With all this walking lately I am striving to be one in both my mind and body. In Numerology the #1 means to be independent, creative, ambitious and an extrovert, and the downside it can make you selfish. Ok enough thinking about this number. Because my brain is starting to hurt.



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