Neighbor Drama #6

Dear Friends,

            When I woke up this morning from my world of my dreams, it happened again. Now the Bitch next door is invading my dreams and she is still calling the police on me. In my dream last night, Phuong and I decided to camp out in or back yard and sleep in the car just for fun. The neighbor and all of her suspicions called the Police on us, because it just freaks her out that we are out there next to her car.   Then in my other dreams, she freaks out whenever dream about other stuff, in the dream she assumes it’s about her and she gets pissed off and starts yelling at me and Phuong because of it. So, now my suffering starts again.

            Back to my real life, I thought I was done with all of her drama, when the Police told her to not look up at my window, I guess I was wrong. A few days ago my friend Jeff came over to pick me up to go explore the city. He pulled front in the driveway waiting for me and told me the neighbor was out front. So I walked to his truck, the neighbor walked right past me, as we locked eyes, then when I got to his truck and her to her door, she stood there staring at both of us with this pissed off look on her face. Ha now I have a witness to her stupidity.

            You know she is starting to look up in my window again. This time I have some Crystal Staffs I made in my window plus two voodoo dolls with pins stuck in them on show too. But the dolls are of me and for prosperity. I was hoping that she takes the hint and not mess with me, since I know how to hex and curse people. She even gets mad whenever I do my Bell cleansing of the upstairs rooms with my Bell and Dorje and Tingsha bells, to cleanse the space of both negative and stagnant energies and then I do a Smudge blessing to finish it off. So, can she call the police on me for doing a religious ritual that she doesn’t approve of?

            Well, I just wanted to give you all a heads up of what’s been happening around here. Just think, whenever I try to avoid her, she always finds a way to bug the hell out of me. 



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