Digging Myself Out of a Shattered Dream

Dear Friends,

            How is everyone doing? I’m sorry that I didn’t write yesterday. After I got home from my 7.1 Mile walk of the Rose Bowl, I was hit with a really bad headache. After that I just didn’t feel like writing anything. I know it’s my fault for putting it off till later. As you all know from the Shattered Dreams Letter, I have been kind of bummed that it seems that the only way for me to get published is to pay to publish it myself. Somehow the last few days, I have been thinking what’s the use to continue writing anyways? What’s the point when my poetry keeps getting rejected every place I send it to? I hate rejections.

            I will continue writing every day, and hopefully one day some lone editor might give me a break and take the chance with my work. I will still put together a Poetry manuscript and put it in a finished form. Now that I have enough poetry for a book, I will give it one more try. Let my friends read it and give me feedback. All I need now is buy some more Printer Ink and print what I think are my best poems. Or should I print them all up and have my friends pick the best ones? Well, these are my thoughts today, tomorrow it may be different.



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