Getting High in the Zone

Dear Friends,

            I just got home from a long night of exercise. I walked around the Rose Bowl tonight 2.5 times and finished close to 8 miles. I started out slow, because my right instep was killing me. I really should get some walking or tennis shoes to walk in instead of my Timberland hiking boots. Tonight, I finally got into the zone that trance like state or High that I usually get when I dance the Bon Odori at O’bon.

            I titled this Getting High in the Zone, because some of you will think that I am doing drugs, lol. Well, the title is what draws people into reading my work, since all of you like drama. The laps got easier when I had the right music playing, switched from the blues to a Trance radio on Pandora. It was kind of crowded tonight after 7 pm. There were a lot of runners, walkers, bikers, people walking with their dogs, and people walking with their kids.

            Wished I had more friends out there walking with me. It was lonely walking alone, because my wife had to work late and my friend Jeff was way ahead of me. So tonight it was just me, the moon and stars above and me pounding the pavement of mother earth. I was so far into the zone; the people around me were all a blur. When it was all over, my feet were so numb that I couldn’t even feel them, and when I sat down, it felt like I was still moving. Now that I am home and resting, I have finally relaxed. I am going to sleep so well tonight. Good night everyone.



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