Gun Control and the Right to Bear Arms

Dear Friends,

            What is the world coming to these past few days? First it started with that Shooting in Arizona, then these two school shootings here in California. I think things escalated after Arizona passed that fucked up law at banning all ethnic studies. Now with that shooting in Tucson, all the psycho gun fanatics are coming out of the woodwork killing people before their toys are taking away from them and banned.

            I believe in the right to bear arms, but I think guns should be banned and have the US Govt. issue rapiers, Sabers, and Epee’s to people who were trained with them like me. Go back to the olden days when it was legal to wear a sword, and men fought in duels. The more honorable way to fight each other, instead of standing at point-blank or far away and firing off multiple bullets, to kill and maim someone for no purpose.

            Now, Kids are sneaking guns into school and accidentally shooting their fellow students.  Has our society finally lost it, when the adults with guns are shooting people who are trying to make a difference in this society, and kids now a day are seeing all this violence in movies and TV shows and they think it’s ok to take an innocent life. I blame the irresponsible parents who don’t teach their kids between what’s right and wrong and both Violent TV shows and movies.

            Let me use my stupid next door neighbor as an example; she is teaching her daughter how to lie to the Police, to get things to go her way.  She for one should have her kid taken away from her before she is sick in the head. That’s why kids’ these days take up guns and go on shooting rampages. What ever happened to the Insane Asylums of the olden days? The ones where you can lock someone up in a rubber room so they don’t hurt other people. I am afraid one of these days my neighbor is going to snap and shoot me and my family, for something stupid.

            That’s why we need better control over the guns on the street. Or ban them outright. And if people really want to fight each other, they should take up the sword or use their bare hands.  Shouldn’t we all prepare for the real threat of being invaded by Zombies or the coming Apocalypse of 2012?



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