Birthday Wishes

Dear Friends,

            Just read Edren’s Birthday letter, “Candles.” It reminded me that my birthday is three weeks away. Damn, I am getting old. I can feel it in my bones each time I get up from sitting on the floor, and when my knees ache when climbing up and down stairs. I am going to be turning 39, and I wonder why a lot of people hide their age? I know we all grow old and closer to death. It’s something we all have to accept sooner or later and there is no way around it.

            This year is also my High School’s 20th Reunion, Go Panthers! I don’t know if I am even going to it. I didn’t go to my ten-year one. I think my friend Lance is right, what’s the use of going to it when most of our old friends are on Facebook. I did want to go and see if the one girl I had a crush on in the 11th grade will be there. I wonder what happened to her and why she isn’t listed on Facebook. There are three people I have lost touch with over the years, I would love to find and catch up with. That will make me really happy.

            I am sorry that I have worried a lot of you with my depressing letters, and Poetry ever since I started writing for the Undeniables Workshop. I am trying my hardest to dig myself out of some of my shattered dreams. By setting up new goals for myself this year, like getting a book of poetry published the hard way, start on my Ghost Stories of Little Tokyo and Chinatown book and getting my paranormal group off the ground and up and running in full force forward. I really need to find ways to make some money or find that dream job I have been waiting for, for so long.

            My birthday is on February 8th, which makes me a Capricorn in the new sign. Why can’t I stay as an Aquarius? So far nothing is planned for that night due to the fact that my wife will be working overtime that night. So I guess I will be spending it alone, with my friends on Facebook. Ending this here, before I make myself depressed.



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